How to Place a Church Video on YouTube

Using video to promote the Gospel is very effective because it not only engages your website visitors but also increases your profile in search engine results, thereby giving you more website traffic. It’s a win-win for all parties.

Here’s a PDF outlining the process and showing the steps I use to upload church videos to YouTube. Below are the itemized steps:

1. Log into your Gmail account
2. Click on the YouTube icon
3. You’re now on the video upload screen. Drag and drop your video.
4. Video is now uploading. Enter some info to describe your video.
5. Video is now uploaded. You can now share the link with Facebook or whomever, or easily embed the video on your WordPress blog.
6. Using the Video Manager

Easily share this video

YouTube video link share screenshot

Once you’ve uploaded your video, YouTube allows you to share the link in various ways. As I’ve previously ranted in another post, you ALWAYS want to make sure that your website holds your primary content and that social media hubs like YouTube and Facebook point back to it. We’ll talk about this in a little bit.

YouTube provides you with a link that you can instantly paste in Facebook or email to anyone.

Embedding your video on your WordPress blog or website

Clicking on the “Embed” tab gives you access to the YouTube section where you can obtain your embed code. (It must be said that the share link may also work for embedding your video, depending on your blog or website.)

Embedding YouTube Videos screenshot
Clicking the Embed tab reveals the code needed to place video on your blog

Pay particular attention to the ! Leave unchecked comment above – most church websites don’t want YouTube to “suggest” videos to watch once your video is done showing.

Once you have your embed code, just copy and paste it into the section on your blog or website where you want it to appear. This code should be all you need for placing a YouTube video on your site.

Linking back to your website or blog

What I said above about placing your primary content on your website holds true even when you’re essentially placing your video on social media like YouTube.

YouTube excels at delivering and storing videos – something that most websites aren’t very good at. So with that in mind, it’s okay to host your church videos on YouTube just as long as you embed the video on your site AND link back to it from YouTube. Here’s how: 

YouTube video description admin screenshot

Step #4 in the PDF (linked above) shows how this area works for adding your link and performing other chores while your church sermon video is uploading.

Please refer to the PDF for a more indepth description of each step.

Need more help with your website? Check out our other how-to videos and let us know if we can help you promote the Gospel online in any way.

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