Baptist Church Website Design Services


One photo captures the flavor of your church

caramel cheesecake

Every photo tells a story, but when you find one that shows the personality of a church…well, that’s what starts a good conversation.

The people looking at your church website want fast answers. They want to belong, to blend in. To feel welcomed.

Your visitors want a sweet experience. 

Other times...

It's a quote that characterizes your flock

We're a small church with a steadfast group of believers who are rock-solid and always looking forward.

Or it's a logo request...

"We love God's Word and want our logo to show it!"

Four logo styles

Every now and then...

"We want to display our theme for the year/month/season"


Mark offered to help setup and design our Church website. I looked at some of the websites he designed and knew that this would be great for us. What he accomplished in a very short time was amazing. He also maintains our website and has made it very easy for me to change and add events and special programs. I would highly recommend Mark Sieler.

How we can help...

"How do we engage our website visitors more?"

Members Login

Exclusive content and interactions between your members can grow your site's relevance to your flock.


Whether external links, or a rich library of on-site resources, your website will gain favor with users and search engines when they see more content.


The single best way to increase engagement time on any website.


For your external visitors, consider a high level newsletter or email signup for sharing upcoming events and items of interest.


Advancing your website users toward growth in Bible Study, devotions are a vital ingredient to successful, daily Christian living.

Prayer Request Line

Welcoming newcomers and site visitors with a prayer request line means you're listening. The world needs our prayers.


Whether monthly, weekly or at-a-glance, any type of calendar will increase engagement with website users.

Photo Gallery

A church website needs good photos, starting with the staff.

Podcast MP3s

For when visitors are away from the site and on their mobile devices, podcasts are perfect downloadable content for user engagement.