Frequent Questions

What are your website requirements?
We require that all church websites display the following information in their page structure:

  1. Doctrine Page
  2. Contact Page with physical address and phone number of church
  3. Picture of Pastor

Do you convert old church websites to new, responsive websites?
Yes. We can transfer content from nearly any public website to a new, responsive website structure that displays properly on desktop, smartphone and tablet computers.

What does your training cover?

Built around 4 webinars, totaling 1 hour in length, these lessons empower pastors, youth leaders and associates with the skills they need to update their website.

This training isn’t about how to design your website — your website is already designed during the setup phase. Rather, the training focuses on modifying, updating or adding content to existing layouts.

Are there some design elements in the training? Sure, but it’s just enough to help you accomplish your editing tasks.

We also provide live, one-on-one screen shares where clients can ask me anything and I demo it for them on screen while they watch. These screen shares are recorded for later viewing.

Do you register domain names?
No. We advise that you purchase/register your domain name through a reputable registrar such as because Faith Builders does not manage or renew domain names.

Once you have registered your domain name, all you need to do is contact the registrar and have them point your domain at our servers. (We provide easy instructions for requesting them to do this – takes about 5 minutes total over the phone).

Transparency and Accountability notice: As the owner of your website domain name, you are in control of where it is hosted at all times. Faith Builders is honored to host your website and will work hard to promote your web content in a Christian manner.

Do you monitor website quality?
Faith Builders monitors traffic and inspects website content regularly. We deem appropriate web content necessary for the viability of our partner sites, and therefore may at any time cancel a hosting account that does not meet our requirements or reflects poorly on our reputation for providing clean and informative websites.

Do you host websites?
Faith Builders hosts your church website on our servers. One year of hosting is included with all new accounts.

Is this type of website different from an ‘app’?
Yes. We build websites — you can call them ‘web apps’ — that work on all platform browsers (iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux, on smartphone, tablet and desktop browsers)

Native apps work only on their respective smartphone platform (iPhone or Android), and require a different level of development.

What types of platforms do you program / develop on?
We program in PHP and MySQL, on Linux servers. This includes most hosting platforms and the WordPress Blog system.

We utilize HTML5, Javascript, jQuery and CSS3. We use Responsive Web Design for proper rendering across desktop, mobile and tablet sites.