responsive church websites for desktop, tablet and mobile

Responsive Web Design

We design and program your website to display properly on all different sized devices — mobile, tablet and desktop. Search engines reward mobile-friendly websites because visitors can view your content from anywhere and on any device.

Get Connected to Google Maps

We also connect your church location to Google Maps and create/optimize your profile in Google’s Local Business section. This benefits visitors traveling through your area and anyone looking to find your church on their smartphone.

In addition to improved ranking, you will now have access to more Google services.

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Complete Setup and Training

We work with you every step of the way on the content we’ll need to populate your website. Then we optimize your events, photos, videos and other website content for the most effective Gospel presentation. It’s our ministry to see your website succeed in helping to grow your church. More information about training can be found here.

Website Performance

Knowing how your website is performing in search is important to its ranking, and especially important is how your visitors are engaging with it.

We’ve been designing and optimizing websites since 2001. Our goal is to make sure you never have another website worry again.

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Content Updating

Now INCLUDED with all first and second tier design and hosting packages. Just email, text or call and we will update your website content — text, photos, events, banners (everything except social media). A truly great option for underserved churches and a way for us to apply I Peter 4:8. 

To our third tier clients: ask for a quote today!


I want to take a moment and recount my experience with Mark Sieler. A few years ago we lost the gentleman in our church that was a web designer and were at a loss with the website. I met Mark and he offered his services. I initially arranged for him to get the info for the site and he took it from there! It is such a huge help to have someone, simply an email away, to make changes and updates at our request. I am grateful to Mark for all he has done. He is a professional, and very good at what he does. As with many churches, we lack the expertise to maintain a sharp website. However, as I see the websites of other churches, I am always reminded how lucky we are. We have a nice professional website that I am proud to give out at every opportunity. I would highly recommend Mark to any church or company that wants a knowledgeable and attentive man on the job! We are very pleased with his work.