Quality Livestreaming Video Setup

livestreaming video quality

The Canon M50 Mk II allows you to livestream to YouTube, and its reputation is phenomenal in the quality department. I recommend a quality external mic because I have no idea how your auditorium sounds or whether there’ll be a good sound transfer from your PA to the camera’s built-in mic.

Some Considerations When Using This Camera for Livestreaming

– Requires wi-fi connection with 3-6 Mbps upstream

– Requires usb connection to laptop

– Cannot record to SD card while streaming

– Recommend using external mic to improve sound

Canon M50 Mk II

The Canon M50 Mk II is a popular camera because of its flexibility, reticulating monitor and overall gorgeous recording quality. Paired with a 200 mm lens, you can record from a distance.

Rode VideoMic On-Camera

The Rode Mic mounts on the hotshoe of the camera when used within 3 feet of speaker. Otherwise, use 20 ft. extension cord, below, to connect mic to camera from podium/boom stand.

Movo Extension Cable

Movo MC20 3.5mm Audio Cable Mic 20 ft. Extension

RODE VideoMic Studio Boom Kit

VM, Boom Stand, Adapter, 25′ Cable

SLIK Pro 400DX Tripod Legs

Includes 3-Way Pan/Tilt Quick Release Head. We use this tripod regularly and truly appreciate its quality.

Connecting the Canon M50 MkII to YouTube livestream

Using this camera in livestream mode, you’ll find it connects easily to the YouTube LIVE system. Although the video below shows the complete setup process, please note that YouTube or Canon may change settings, policies or processes to setup procedures at any time.

Embed YouTube Livestream to your website

Ask us about this process if you have any questions. We understand there are some Do-It-Yourselfer types out there, so we’re providing this video as a resource. But please note that when you host your church’s website with Faith Builders, we make this process incredibly easy.

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