Baptist Church Website Design Services

Faith Builders works with you every step of the way throughout developing your website content. Here are some broad outlines of the types of information we’ll be advancing toward. — Mark Sieler, owner of Faith Builders

prioritizing website setup for church website design services

Church Website Structure

Once we know your website’s intended purposes, we can set about building your vision into a working website. Here we can itemize your church and ministry functions, then match them up with your visitor profiles to form a well-structured site.

Engaging your online visitors is all about providing them with answers and information that satisfies their intent.

Your Ministries

The ministries you participate in show your commitment more than mere words can say, but for your website it’s a great idea to itemize:

  • if you support missionaries that you would like listed on your website;
  • if you participate in ancillary ministries such as prisons, hospitals, retirement communities, juvenile, etc.
  • If you have content such as videos, sound file mp3s or pictures, we’ll want those as well

Online visitors search for anything and everything, and providing community involvement info can greatly benefit your church traffic.

About your Pastor

We don’t mention requirements very often, but it’s important to note that we require a picture of the church Pastor be posted to the website. Background, testimony, commitment to the Lord, and other attributes can also provide an accurate picture of the man at the pulpit.

video camera iconWe welcome any video or audio files that provide information where the Pastor is speaking or presenting.

photo of H.A. Ironside

Harry A. Ironside. Photo courtesy LIGHTHOUSE TRAILS PUBLISHING

I would like to thank Bro Mark Sieler for hosting the faith-builders web site program. He designed and posted our web site several years ago and as a result of his work we have had many visitors, especially from out of town visiting us as they vacationed in our area. We also have had several who were driving through our area on the way to another destination stop by and visit. Every time I need a change made Bro Mark has always been there for us and even writes at times to see how we are doing. He is more than someone who works for us I believe he is a real part of this ministry. When I first contacted Bro Mark about doing our web site I asked about the price for churches and he said there would be no charge for us. I even sent him a love gift and he returned that gift and added some to it. I really appreciate all he has done for us and I know he will always be there for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his work to anyone, church or business, he will always do you a great job! God bless you Bro Mark for all you do for us!

Bobby Clark

Pastor, Faith Baptist Church Crossville, TN

A Structured, Dynamic Website

Combining all the above, Faith Builders might typically arrive at a structure similar to this (feel free to use it for inspiration – then call us right away):

  • Home / Intro
  • About Us
  • Ministries
  • Contact
  • Missionaries
  • Sermons
  • Calendar
  • Photo Gallery
  • Academic / social
  • Resources

Great Website Content Satisfies Visitors

video frame icon

Videos are one of the most effective ways to promote your ministries.



event calendar icon

Event Calendars itemize goings-on and show people that your organization is a happening place.



puzzle piece icon

Pictures tell a story without words — but a well-thought-out caption helps us optimize it to best effect and avoid any ambiguity.